Safety Tips For Trick-Or-Treating

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We all know most children love Halloween! To them, Halloween is a fun-filled holiday! This is the day where they can dress up in Halloween costumes and go Trick-or-Treating for candy! This has been a favorite pastime of children for years.

But even on a holiday such as Halloween, you never know what can happen. You should always be prepared with safety rules to ensure that your little one has both a safe and fun Trick-or-Treating experience.

To help you keep your children safe on this holiday, here are some safety tips for trick-or-treating.

1. Always go out with your child, especially if they are under twelve years old. Once they are older, some children may end up going out alone. However, it is best to be sure that someone is with them, whether it be a group of friends, siblings, or another trusted adult that you know very well. Even if they would rather go out alone, you or someone you know should still accompany them. Children, do not fight it. Let your parents, older siblings, or someone you know and trust go trick-or-treating with you. You will understand and appreciate this when you are older. This is a very important safety tip, as being alone in the evening or after it gets dark can be dangerous.

2. If you’re child is going out without you, give them a set time to be home. The later it gets, the more they might be exposed to potential danger. Tell them to only stay in your neighborhood and keep a look out for them.

3. Look both ways before crossing the street. Cross at the corner, preferably in the crosswalk, and stay on the sidewalk once you cross the street. Parents, it’s always best to hold your young child’s hand or carry them if need be. It is better to be safe than sorry.

4. I cannot stress this enough, never ever go into a stranger’s house, not even for candy! Children, this is especially important if you are Trick-or-Treating without an adult! This opens the door for a dangerous situation. Always remain on the front porch, yard, sidewalk, etc. If they invite you in, decline and leave immediately!

5. Carry a flashlight with you. Some areas may be darker than others. You want to be sure you can see and others can see you.

6. Stay in only your own neighborhood or neighborhoods you know very well. Do not try to take any shortcuts that could be a potential place for danger, especially dark and isolated ones. Do not go into areas that you do not know well.

7. Only go to houses that have porch lights rather than dark. If a house looks suspicious, scary, or gives you a bad feeling, then just skip it. Always keep in mind: opening yourself up for a bad situation is NOT worth getting candy for.

8. Carry emergency phone numbers and addresses with you. Whether you have a cell phone or not, it never hurts to carry change for a phone booth, just incase. This could come in handy incase you are lost, hurt, car breaks down (if driving), etc.

9. If possible, try not to stay out too long past dark. Believe it or not, some families and Trick-or-Treaters will actually start Trick-or-Treating a little before sundown, to avoid being out past dark.

10. Always travel in groups. There is safety in numbers.

11. If possible, wear bright colored costumes so that you can be seen, especially in the streets. Try not to wear any masks that prevent you from seeing.

12. I have found out that some parents actually put name tags with addresses on their children’s Halloween costumes. This is done incase the child becomes separated from the parent, guardian, or group.

13. Never eat your candy right away. Wait until your parents check them first. Parents, be sure to carefully inspect all of the candy before letting your child have any.

So there you go, safety tips for trick-or-treating to ensure your Halloween will be a safe one. It is very imporant that you follow those rules to keep your night safe and fun. Remember, being in danger is not any fun. Children may not always want to follow these rules, but it is very important that you enforce them, for it is always better to be safe than sorry! Have a Happy Halloween this year!

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