The Gapping Wound in Our World

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The true value of miracles is being lost in physical understanding. The purpose of miracles is to save time, not to get anything.
The time it takes to do anything to fulfill what we need to get what we want is taking too much time. Technology has eliminated a lot of time that used to be used to run our businesses, but not the emotional integrity necessary to manage our personal lives. This is because integrity does not come from a machine, it comes from people.
If you have not noticed, anxiety is increasing and adding to many physical problems associated with our world. There is more addiction, depression, disease, suicides, hate, anger, and etc. The reason for this is because there is a gap in the infra structure of our world. The gap between the time it takes to program a computer is nothing compared to the time it takes to get a need met. Therefore, our emotional quotient is being out maneuvered by a machine, or artificial intelligence. This has left a gaping wound between the intellectual ability to solve problems, and the emotional inability to keep up. If this wound is not addressed, the entire world will fall into this gap. The question we must ask is not if this will occur, but when.
In order to fix a problem, the problem must first be recognized. The problem is not being recognized because people are trying to fix their emotional instability by using old world methods of doing that worked in the past. This is only adding to the frustration. Physical emotion must play a catch up game with artificial intelligence, or the game is going to end soon.
Time is collapsing, as the Universal purpose for time has been to allow the people time to figure out their problems. For thousands of years, physical emotions and the intellect were closely matched. In other words, emotional integrity was always included in one way or another in all physical decisions. Since the advent of technology, this has all changed, and the check and balance system is way off kilter. The internal anxiety this problem is making is beyond anything this world even recognizes, never mind attempting to fix.
Into all of this, the ability to use miracles has been given to us. The problem is this; people are trying to use miracles to fix the emotions attached to the problems associated with technology. This is not what miracles are for. Their purpose is to help the people emotionally “catch up” with technology and close the wound our newly formed global society is being sucked into. Miracles are a fail safe mechanism placed in DNA specifically for this purpose. Because of the physical inability to define miracles, or the belief that is used to define them, which is no definition at all, the people are being asked to take counsel and reconcile themselves that they do not understand the purpose of miracles so another interpretation for them can begin to take effect within their consciousness. Without this occurring, their purpose is being lost on people who are using them to get a fix for an intellectual problem, brought about by technology. If this continues, physical emotion will not catch up with technology, but will continue to be a slave to it.
The people must be made aware of the purpose of miracles by learning to use them properly. This means to use them by learning to apply them to emotions so their effects can be recognized. This will take the emotional value of higher integrity to a new level of understanding. Believing in miracles will not take anyone to their purpose, as once a miracles purpose has been reassigned, it is believed it is known what they are for.
The specific purpose of miracles is to re-evaluate the emotional level of this world by shifting consciousness towards a new level of emotional integrity. This will by-pass thousands of years of emotional learning. Because our world is running out of time, by assigning time a miracle purpose, the time to allow the people to advance their emotional level to higher integrity will be granted. This integrity is beyond belief, but not beyond consciousness to learn. It is time to move beyond emotional belief and accept the emotional level miracles are ready to offer us.


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