Views on Interracial Dating

Decades after the 1960’s and seventies that saw an end to organized, instituitional racism, we are still left with the vestiges of racism, mostly just from ordinary people, and that does still affect the concept of “interracial dating.” In some ways, it’s almost as taboo now as it is then. However, beyond the wisps of racial hatred, people are still people, and sometimes prefer different races or not in dating. People may enjoy somebody of a different color, a different race. Others may not. Color may be noticed-with or without overt or non-overt racism. Individuals may simply just notice the differences in a non-hateful way. If people are happy with whomever they end up choosing-then everybody in that sphere of influence and beyond should be more accepting. The problem is sometimes others interfere and cause such great distress in that particular relationship.

We live in a society where individuals, not just government are mistrusted. Relationships come and go like the wind; most first marriages are often referred to as starter marriages. But leaving people alone to date whomever they wish, while they also respect the others wish helps to create a more balanced and just society. In the end, this moves our world away from its darker and more sinister days of hatred and separation, to where people have the freedom to better explore their romantic and sexual side-simply unfettered. Again, it’s not always racial and racist beliefs. As individuals, we have choices. Romantic decisions we make are also based on chemistry, and again the differences itself.

The irony of it people of color or racial difference may spark something deep within somebody of a different race. Opposites do attract. They can be very exciting, scintillating, vivacious and very sexual. Irregardless of what we believe, we have the freedom of choice and should not interfere. As a society, we are growing, changing and morphing, as the world has done through the ages. Interracial dating will eventually be just replaced by dating, as we will no longer notice the differences. This will also negate the concept of ‘opposites’ attracting, in different colors and races. People will be drawn to each other by chemistry, mutual likes and dislikes, familiarity, and still have the vestiges of opposites attracting. However, this will be less by race and more by other, more definitive qualities and attributes.

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