What to Reveal About Yourself in a Potentially Serious Relationship

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Reveal good qualities about yourself: kindness comparing, compassion, tenderness-good attributes that women and men seek out as a potential mate-and father/mother to their children. Keep out past relationships as much as possible. They can trigger alarm bells in a potentially serious relationship, as still having a “thing” for a past relationship. Or worse yet, throwing it in the face of a potential new one, as an emotionally coercive lever to get them. Bringing up attributes is important, and keeping out past relationships as much as possible helps to win the new girl or boy of your dreams. in those crucial first weeks and months of a new relationship, everything is going to be not on the solidest foundation, until a comfort level of acceptability is finally reached.

Keeping potentially damaging things out of the conversation such as past romances-or even failed past romances out of the equation helps to solidify a new and perhaps more vibrant union. You don’t want your new steady to ponder why your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend thought that you were stalking them. Or that you had an affair on them to get even for something that they allegedly did to you, whether true or not. Or that you had a thing for his/her brother or sister and had an affair with them. Whether things were your fault or not, atoning or explaining them to a new partner is not going to keep that on very stable ground. If you are sincere and remorseful, you can atone for mistakes made in different ways, by being a better partner to a new one. If one was abusive, seeking help and therapy is also very important.

Tentative things to reveal can also include age. People can lie, making themselves younger or older, in a sometimes very insecure way to win the mate. This doesn’t suddenly mean blurting it out, which can also sound not very confident of one’s self. It’s natural to feel shy and insecure at times. After all, potentially serious, and serious relationships do not grow on trees. Finding the right moment to interject age in a roundabout way that maybe alludes to it, without necessarily disclosing it (at least in the beginning) shows a person of substance and confidence. If the union flowers, eventually you will disclose it. By that time, its revelation has far less of an impact.

Keeping the conversating and feelings positive during the formative period of a new relationship is one of the keys to maintaining. this doesn’t necessarily mean one painting an almost superhuman image of who one is. It’s okay to be human and flawed. Through disclosure of selected tidbits and morsels of information may also come the common ground, to help build on for a very strong and lasting combination of the two of you. These manifesting through love, trust, respect in a lasting and durable bond.


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