The Debate on Whether a 30-Year-Old Should Date an 18-Year-Old

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Age is relevant to whom you are: what you perceive your age group to be, and your overall situation. For many, a thirty year old is a kid themselves. Thirty seems to be transitional point between youth and older years. But also remember, forty is the new thirty. So that makes thirty younger than it was once perceived-or at least in that pivotal point between youth and early middle-age. It’s nothing perverse-unless spun by dirty minds, themselves. We have forty year old women and above dating eighteen year old men. These women, euphemistically referred to as “cougars” have been doing this for many years. So what’s the issue? It should all grind down to your personality, mindset and who you are deep down. Some people are very comfortable with people their own ages; others are abhorrent to it.

But instead of judging people for their choices-we should embrace the fact that at the very least they seem happy and content with their new situation. For others still very bitterly opposed to it, they should take a deep look at themselves, and not try to cast dispersions upon others. Even if the relationship doesn’t last, at least there was a kind match between the two for whatever period of time. Instead of sneering at them and calling the thirty year old a “pervert”, they should be happy that two people found comfort in each other. An argument could be made that an eighteen year old is a “pretend adult” and therefore knows little or nothing about the world, and is being taken advantage by an older adult, more adept at seduction, and offering sex to somebody who may not even have experienced it yet.

Even if the thirty (or older) person used sex and seduction to get what they want-our society still perceives an eighteen year old as a man or a woman-and not a child anymore. So, if they are adults, shouldn’t we treat them as such? This doesn’t say that all older individuals should have relationships with 18 year olds. But it should not be a judgement call by a self-righteous, self-moralistic society. It should be between them, nobody else. Allowing people to enjoy each other’s company is part of a free society. Of course, we have to protect children from sexual predators. But again, eighteen is an adult. If we can send young men and women to die in combat, we should allow them freedom of choice


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