How to Capture a Ghost on Camera

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People are skeptics by nature, if it is not right in front of your face with the proof in hand, usually no one believes it. Paranormal Investigators go out in this field trying to capture ghosts whether it be on film, video or recorder to prove that ghost do exist.

A haunting is very unpredictable, someone can experience what they think is paranormal activity for weeks but when a team of investigators with all of their recording equipment there may be little or no activity at all.

If you want to catch a ghost, you will need to do some homework, find a place that is said to be really haunted and people have had some kind of paranormal experience there, There are a few types of places you will want to check out, old historical places usually have the best activity, usually because in these old places there is so much human emotion tied to the place, spirits tend to linger in places that they once loved when they were alive. A place of sudden death or where someone had committed suicide, death that is sudden and when people are taken out of this world fast, this tends to trigger a haunting. A place of the dead like a cemetery is usually a good place to get activity, and sometimes at haunted locations human remains are found.

When you get to the place you are wanting to investigate, make sure you talk to the owner or person in charge that is familiar with the activity in the location so that you can set up your cameras in these known “hot spots”. In each of these “hot spots” set up your digital camera on a tripod.

Making sure your equipment is clean is also important, there have been lots of times people have mistaken dirt or dust for a ghost when in reality it was just a dusty lens, Investigators find themselves in all kinds of places so it is important to keep the equipment clean at all times, especially right before an investigation.

Be careful of the light around you, sometimes a street light, flashlight or a car passing by can get in the way of your camera, this is what we call lens flare. Lens flare is when the light ahead of the camera coming from any position runs across the lens and creates a skim this will cause streaks, fog looking images that sometimes can be mistaken for a ghostly image, It is easy to do.

In my experience it is not impossible to catch a ghost on camera, it has been done. By allowing your equipment to record for long enough in a paranormal “hot spot”, and then carefully go over all of your evidence, you can capture a real ghost on camera.


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