Tea Baggers Need to Take Granny Out to Vote

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The fate of the republic hangs in the balance.  The progressive, socialist, Marxist and communist forces have taken over two branches of government and have already started packing the third with committed communists.  The only thing that can save us now is the votes of patriots.

If you know any old person who is conservative and does not have a way to the polls, give them a ride to victory in November.  Ask them if they have registered to vote and then help them register if they have not.  Help them check their registration if they are not sure.

The most important elections in our life time are the 2010 and the 2012 elections.  Once the Marxists who hold the congress and the presidency pack the supreme court  with communists, you may as well abandon every hope and move to New Zealand.

In order to win the coming elections you are going to have to do something you may never have done before.  Maybe it’s taking Granny out to vote.  Maybe it’s contributing to a congressional election campaign.  Maybe it’s volunteering or going door to door or being active at a call center.

If you think the economic collapse of Greece would look even better on us then by all means do nothing and you are going to get your wish.   If you want to be told when you get past 50 that there really are death panels, and no you can’t have that life saving surgery, and it’s your duty go home and die and make room for they younger generation; then you should definitely do nothing.  The new head of Medicare that Obama snuck in on a recess appointment believes in both in Marxist redistribution and rationing.    By the way, you have already had your share of health care.  To paraphrase the Soup Nazi:  No health care for you!!!


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