How to Make a Piadina Romagnola at Home

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How to Make a Piadina Romagnola at Home

This piadina is connected closely with the farmer’s world as it has very simple ingredients and it is fast to cook plus it could be both bread as well as the main meal for them. The flat bread is great warm with tomatoes, mozzarella and prosciutto inside, or you can put a spread of your choice too.

And if you want to make it yourself at home you can with the following recipe:


2.2 pounds of flour

1 tablespoon of baking soda

½ cup of extra virgin olive oil (or 2 ounces of lard at your choice)

A pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients together and add a half a cup of water to make it more solid,

 Next stretch out the mix and with a wooden rolling pin form a disc flat shape and occasionally sprinkle the rolling pin with some flour so that it does not stick.

At this point place the mixture on a terracotta pan and cook on high for a few minutes, as it cooks you will see bubbles forming on the top, which need to be popped with a fork, and use a long bladed knife to turn the piadina from one side to another


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