A Victorian Christmas

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I am fascinated with the 1800’s Victorian era, everything about it is charming to me.

The Victorians were highly popular for their traditions through Christmas holidays.

Christmas would not be the same in any tradition without the food, and the Victorians knew how to throw a good feast. A traditional Victorian Christmas dinner would mostly include swan and roast beef, of course this was for the more wealthier people in that time, as the era closed more people were eating Turkey at Christmas time then anything else. To go along with the main portion of the dinner, they would have the side dishes, this would usually include rice and plum pudding, drinks would always include something warm, coffee was big along with wassil which you can still find today, dessert would usually include gingerbread. At the end of the night everyone would gather around the tree for the classic Christmas stories.

They would send out Christmas cards, they were pretty scarce until around 1840’s, and when you did get them you cherished them, they would have pictures of flowers, angelic cherub children or Christmas trees.

Christmas gifts were usually something handmade in those times, knitted bookmarks, homemade pincushions and paper dolls for the children. The women were usually given homemade purses or painted china.

Just like today, the Christmas tree was the main focus to any home and the Victorians took pride in decorating their trees, Lights and candles would be strung around the tree, and the candles would be lit by the children, they also used dried fruit often strung around the trees, fruit such as cranberries and popcorn were used. Lace was also popular.

Victorian Christmas games were a huge hit for all the children as well as adults who wanted to take part, some popular games that were played included Blind man’s Bluff and Charades. A very popular game was Name the Nursery Rhyme, One person would quote a line from a nursery rhyme and someone would have to guess the name of the rhyme.

A Victorian Christmas can be loosely inspired on their tradition or you could go all out. Which ever you choose it will surely add a touch of charm and magic to your Christmas holiday.


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