Top 10 World University 2010

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Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is an initiative to promote and open access to scientific publications in order to increase the presence of academic and research institutions on the Web Site. Peringkatan started in 2004 and is based on a combined indicator that takes into account both volume and content of the Web, visibility and impact of web publications in accordance with the number of external links are acceptable.

Webometrics is based on excellence in electronic publishing (e-publication) contained in the web domain name of each college. Measured using four indicators, namely size, visibility, rich files, and scholar.
The first indicator, size (S), ie the number of pages of electronic publications contained in the web domain of universities. Second, the visibility (V) is another page that lists the number of domain URLs colleges that scored. Third, in rich files (RF), ie the relevance of electronic resources for academic activities and publications with the university. Finally, the scholar (Sc), ie the number of publications and citation quality in higher education domain. Furthermore, the data already collected was processed and used to rank approximately 8000 universities from around the world.

Top 10 di Dunia :

1. Harvard University  (USA)

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

3. Stanford University  (USA)

4. University of California, Berkeley University of California, Berkeley  (USA)

5. Cornell University  (USA)

6. University of Washington (USA)

7. University of Minnesota(USA)

8. Johns Hopkins University  (USA)

9. University of Michigan    USA)

10. University of Wisconsin Madison(USA)

Top 10 di Asia :

1. University of Tokyo  (Japan)

2. Kyoto University  (Japan)

3. National Taiwan University  (Taiwan)

4. University of Hongkong  (Hong Kong)

5. Chinese University of Hongkong (Hong Kong)

6. Hebrew University of  Jerusalem(Israel)

7. Keio University(Japan)

8. National University of Singapore(Singapore)

9. National Chiao Tung University  (Taiwan)

10. Nagoya University(Japan)

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