Samuel Houston (1793–1863)

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Samuel Houston (1793–1863) a key figure in the history of Texas, was born in Virginia to a family of nine children. He played a major role in the founding of Texas, was also the Governor of Texas as well as Tennessee he was a great Revolutionary and a great soldier.

After Houston’s father died his mother could no longer take care of the family so with very little money and help she moved the family to Tennessee, Houston became unhappy with the living situation and the fighting amongst his brothers, when he was sixteen he went to live with the Cherokee Indians, living on the Hiwassee Island for a few years he learned all the Cherokee languages and customs.

In 1813, Houston joined the Army and was assigned as 3rd Lieutenant, he was wounded in the battle of Horseshoe Bay but continued to fight. In 1817, Andrew Jackson, impressed with Houston’s strength gave him the position of Indian Agent to the Cherokee. After Houston seen how the Cherokee were being treated he went to see the Secretary of War dressed in traditional Cherokee clothing. He was then accused of slave mugging and after a tiresome investigation, Houston was found innocent but was insulted for never given an apology, disgusted, he then resigned from the Army.

In 1823 Houston was voted into Congress and again in 1825. He was made Governor of Tennessee in 1827. During his last re-election he married his first wife Eliza Allen, the marriage only last three months and in April 1829 Houston resigned from office and went back to live with his Cherokee family.

In 1833, Houston left the Cherokee reservation and moved to Nacogdoches, there he was made commander of the Texas Army here the battle of Goliad took place on March 27, 1836 and killed almost 400 Texian prisoners by the orders of Santa Ana along with the famous battle at the Alamo on March 6th 1836 that killed thousands ,this intensified Houston and his armies determination to win the war, Then on April 21, 1836, Houston’s surprised Santa Ana, and at the Battle of San Jacinto Houston forced Santa Ana into signing the Treaties and to surrender, making the end to the war and granting Texas Independence. Houston was elected president of the Republic of Texas on September 5, 1836, and was elected President to the Republic of Texas, his term lasting from October 22, 1836 to December 10, 1838, and then re-elected again from December 12, 1841 to December 9, 1844.

In 1845, Texas was annexed into the United States and Houston was elected to the Senate. 1859 he was elected Governor of the State of Texas, making him the only person in United States history to be the governor of two different states at the same time.

In the end Houston settled in Huntsville, Texas with his wife Margaret Moffette Lea along with their eight children. Sam Houston died of Pnuemonia in 1863, and was buried in Huntsville’s Oakwood Cemetery and is buried next to his with his wife Margaret. Houston’s last words on his deathbed were, “Texas! Texas! Margaret”.

“The world will take care of Houston’s fame”. ~ Andrew Jackson


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