Cooking May be More Useful Than Raw

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Late winter and early spring is the most difficult season for the body, because then he needs more vitamins. Dietitians recommend especially in this period to increase the consumption of cooked or cooked by steaming vegetables, as these are more useful than raw. 

Traditionally it is considered that there are many in the carrots vitamin A, but in fact the main merit of the carrots are alpha and beta-carotene – powerful antioxidants to disarm free radicals, slow aging and protect against atherosclerosis and cancer. Carrots also contain lutein, which helps maintain good eyesight even in very old age. 

Indeed, vitamin A (in this sense) in carrots is not – it is produced in our body from carotene after the use of this vegetable. 

If the carrots are cooked, they beneficial carotenes increased by about 14% and lyuteinat – 11%. So – put more carrots when making soup or vegetable garnish. 

If the carrots are cooked in the oven or fryer, useful substances to reduce – they become even less than the raw vegetable. Do not rush to give up this method of preparation – has been shown so carrots are equally useful. 

What explains this paradox? Scientists say that despite reducing the amount of carotenes in carrots prepared in this way increases the total antioxidant activity, ie they become more useful because more effectively disarm free radicals. Spanish researchers have also found this phenomenon: the process of cooking carotene is converted into more active forms, and it further opened to new antioxidants. 

The content of carotenes in broccoli after its preparation of steam is even greater in comparison with carrots. The total antioxidant activity was also higher, and most importantly the content of glucosinolates increased by 30%. And in cooking and frying they are reduced by 84% for glucosinolates have some research that shows that they possess anti-cancer effect. These substances that protect us from the development of malignancy contained in all types of cabbage – white, cauliflower, etc., but to protect us better, they must be cooked by steaming.Cooking and kale cooked in an oven is also useful, but contains less of glucosinolates. 

For the courgettes most useful methods are boiling or steaming or cooking in the oven. The temperature of the heating of the vegetables when they are made of steam is not as high as in frying, so destructive effect of temperature is not as strong. 

The heat is not so dangerous for vitamins. Raw vegetables give us all the vitamins – a significant part of their transit through the digestive tract. This is because they are tightly “trapped” in a matrix of cellulose. During the process matrix is destroyed and vitamins are distributed more easily. 

Lycopene is also a strong antioxidant, which according to previous research is considered to be particularly useful for men. This red substance (contained in most tomatoes) increases sperm quality and hinder the growth of prostate cancer. Lycopene is also useful for women – it prevents the development of malignancy in the breast and uterus. In raw tomatoes lycopene is absorbed worse due to the existence of so-called. strong matrix. Destroying it with moderate heat treatment repeatedly reinforces its protective effect. Prepared in the oven (or steam) or converted into paste and tomato juice, tomatoes provide a much more active lycopene.


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