The Secret to a Perfect Family: Husband Older With Five Years And. .. Not Very Smart

At least this is the statistical formula of happy family, according to scientists from business school in Geneva, Switzerland. According to them, women must be “5 years younger than the chosen one and come from the same cultural environment, furthermore, have higher intelligence than her husband. 

Data were collected from over 1000 married couples aged between 19 and 75 This, according to experts, makes it possible to describe exactly how much must each of the two partners in the “perfect family”: the wife should have higher education and even better degree, while her husband this is not mandatory. ”If you follow this rule, your chance to create a healthy family increased by at least 20%, say the authors of the study. 

Curious is one of the examples they give for sustainable marriage – that of Queen Elizabeth II of Brittany and her husband Philip. 83-year-old queen is younger by 4 years and 10.5 months, both originate from the same environment. Avoid comparing the intelligence of the royal couple, the Swiss researchers still focus on the “innate diplomacy” of the Queen. 

Marriage of the royal couple was concluded in 1947, ie has demonstrated its sustainability for over 60 years, sums up the BBC. The secret to a perfect family: husband older with five years and. .. not very smart.

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