A Few More Myths For The Diets

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Let’s talk again about diets. Everyone dreams of a slender body, but first you need to think about health. Many people are genetically predisposed to weighting and making incredible efforts to overthrow overweight using all sorts of diets. 

Experts have determined the amount of calories that should appear in our daily menu: 2200 kcal for women and 3000 men. 

These figures were obtained as follows: an average amount of calories consumed minus the amount of energy that we lose in their daily movements. 

Here are a few kcal / hour for a man weighing 60 kg: sleep – 49.8, rest in bed (not sleep) – 66 seated meal – 84 talk on foot – 189 on a computer – 120, dusting powder – 148 washing – 126, walking on a level road (with 4 km / h) – 192. 

To help psychologists have also developed several ways, helping to deceive hungry eyes. Small and dark plates visually increase the amount of food in them. Small spoons also help, because our brains count quantity movements from the plate – in the mouth, but with the increase of these movements, we seem to satiate your body artificially. 

It is also that some flavors suppress appetite. These are the smells of green apple, banana, mint, lavender, rose. Here are a few more duties on diet: 

1. The best diet – that is hunger. 

This is not true. The body perceives as hunger and stress begins to accumulate fat reserves of even the most light products. Moreover, fasting is definitely contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the pancreas. 

2. The best diet is the single daily meal. 

Quite the contrary – the best scheme is eating 7 times a day, assuming small portions. 

3. To lose weight, you need to stop feeding 4 hours before sleep. 

This is not true. 2 hours is enough. These 2 hours should be counted from when actually go to bed to sleep, rather than abstract time – for example, 19.00. 

4. Cheese and the cheese are dietary products. 

Not true. Like all other milk products are useful, but contain 40% fat. It is better to choose low-fat or nonfat types. 

5. Meat and vegetables should be eaten separately. 

Wrong. Vegetables help the body absorb proteins contained in meat. Exceptions are only those vegetables that contain large amounts of starch: potatoes, beans and pumpkins. They really should not be used separately. 

6. Since beer is filling. 

Absolute misconception. Filling of greasy appetizers, which are often consumed with beer. In fact, beer is lower than calorie fruit juices, car, sodas or dry wine. Many nutritionists believe that the quality of beer, including low calorie, can serve as a food additive in the diet. 

7. Fat dairy products are less nutritious. 

This is not true. Ordinary quark contains 18% fat, 14% protein, 2.8% carbohydrate and 232 kcal. A fat-free – only 0.6% fat, 18% protein, 1.8% carbohydrate and 88 kcal. Therefore, fat-free is more useful. 

Other terms of healthy eating are: minimum alcohol (no concentrates), sugar and stress, maximum pulp, joy and self-esteem. 


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