Separate Eating – One of The Uncrowned Science Myth

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Separate food is very modern. Supporters of this idea argue that it it has helped them lose weight, to cleanse your body, feel better and reduce harmful foods in your diet. But experts are concerned increasingly skeptical of this view. 

The concept of selective feeding is Herbert Shelton (Herbert M. Shelton), who devoted 40 years of his life to studying and diet  – the science of proper nutrition. ”Bible” of separate meal – the book “The right combinations of food” (Food Combining Made Easy), first published in 1928 is very popular and reprinted today. 

The essence of the theory of selective feeding is correct (?) A combination of products.According to the author, swallowing non matching products allows them to absorb properly.This he explained by the fact that any food substances are required and certain conditions for learning and often they are opposite each other. 

Many nutritionists do not agree with this opinion. They considered incorrect to speak of a process of “rotting” in the stomach of a healthy person feels as Shelton. According to them it is wrong and when he says that fats and carbohydrates in the stomach lying like a dead load which is unable to adapt there. They just get away from it by strong muscle contractions of the stomach, which experts call the image “cleaners”. 

Shelton argues that people do not suffer from allergies and the fact that not learn one or other food. Science claims that this is not true – is allergy immune disorder caused by the appearance of histamine in blood in response to allergens, which is not related to diet. 

According to Shelton for the absorption of carbohydrates and fats necessary alkaline medium, and for protein – acidic, and therefore the concomitant use of various products leads to rot and fermentation in the stomach. In practice, the process of digestion is much more complex and operate in different areas  different systems – saliva, gastric and intestinal juice, bile and others. The utilization of various components of the food is divided into food room, and space and time. 

The verdict is the traditional nutritionists: “Separate feeding is not curative. Physiological justifications for it will. Evolution itself has prepared the food tract of mixed human diet. In nature there are very few “clean” products – such as salt and sugar. Everything else is a combination of proteins, fats, acids and so on. 

Doctors still are not strongly opposed to selective feeding. Or at least not all. In some degree this theory is welcome, as consuming the products separately, you sit at the table more often – 7-8 times a day and eating in smaller quantities more frequently recommended by doctors. They define overeating as much more harmful than “not matching” products. 

Separate feeding is not a panacea and practical science has disproved all the postulates of the theory. The process of digestion depends not so much combinations as the quantity of food eaten and the individual circumstances.


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