Ways to Enrich Your Caribbean Heritage

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People all over the United States have either come directly from or descended from those who have come from the Caribbean region. The Caribbean region is extremely rich in terms of its culture and its history. There are some specific things that you can do to enrich your Caribbean heritage.

First of all, you can celebrate Caribbean heritage month. Caribbean heritage month takes place during the month of June. You can celebrate Caribbean heritage month by learning about the unique and interesting history of Caribbean immigration into the United States. This unique history began as far back as the 17th century with the arrival of indentured workers at Jamestown in Virginia. During the subsequent centuries, many slaves were brought from the Caribbean region into the United States. Slaves, however, were not the only source of Caribbean heritage in the United States. Millions of people have immigrated from the Caribbean to the United States since the 1820s.

You can also enrich your Caribbean heritage by talking to your relatives that migrated from the Caribbean. If your grandmother is from Cuba, for example, she probably has many interesting stories about growing up in Cuba, and what it’s like to be from Cuba. Even if you don’t have any living relatives in the United States who immigrated from the Caribbean, maybe you have some distant relatives in the region you can connect with.

Another great way to enrich your Caribbean heritage is to take a visit to the Caribbean. You might consider going to the Caribbean during the off season where you can save quite a bit of money on your travel. Or, if you are concerned about things like tropical storms and hurricanes, you can make your visit during the regular tourist season in the Caribbean. Regardless, when you do visit the Caribbean, you should make sure and take some time and get away from the touristy areas and try to see some of the outlying countryside and even meet some of its native peoples and thereby get more in touch with your Caribbean heritage.

Finally, you can get in touch with your Caribbean heritage by honoring the contributions of Caribbean Americans to American society. You can explore the ways that Caribbean Americans have contributed in education, business, sports, politics, fashion, government, literature, science, technology, and many other ways in the United States.

Regardless of how you choose to enrich your Caribbean heritage, take some time this year to explore the possibilities and potential.


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