Natural Cosmetics: Pros And Cons

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This claim psychologists and added that the natural cosmetics is modern version of the life-giving water from fairy tales. On the other hand, the tradition to enjoy natural beauty products, can be traced from the baths with Cleopatra donkey milk during the leeches of the Middle Ages to cheat recipes mask with yogurt, honey and cucumber. 

Whether the proposed natural cosmetics in stores was “natural” – it is hard to say. Not because it may be fake (though here and it might) but because in order to create a stable substance, it must be stabilized to put its preservative to withstand a specified period. And this is not without chemistry. Hardly believe cucumber cream that offer contains just picked and shredded cucumber. But let’s look at the types of serious natural cosmetics. 

1. The most common natural phyto-cosmetics cosmetics. 

These are all products prepared infusions, emulsions and extracts of herbs, flowers, bark, fruit and other flora. In phyto-cosmetics can be divided into two directions – a return to roots “and” exotic. “ It should be noted however, that over time, “grass” in the second direction smoothly at first. For example, the exotic “jojoba” – it is already doing what you do not, and consumers buy products familiar with jojoba, seem to have grown up among it. In fact, you ever seen jojoba? 

Advantages: It is what it is phyto-cosmetics. Many plants are used as drugs, so it can be curative. 

Less: Exotic plants may, however, in an unpredictable way make the  body. The benefit of the plants we grew up with and know, no one disputes. 

2. Aroma cosmetics. 

It is a form of phyto-cosmetics, but made with aromatic oils and other fragrant substances.Some beauticians believe that essential oils work better than ordinary infusions or extracts of plants, because of the oil molecule faster penetration. 

Advantages: The main feature of aroma-cosmetics is the smell. Therefore it is considered that aroma therapy is a type of psychotherapy. 

Cons: Although there is a sample table on how the body reacts to scents, this is quite an individual – it is possible that some of them head hurt certain odors. Furthermore, the aromas are not necessarily pleasant – for example, with irritating smell musk, but the mind acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. 

3. Mineral cosmetics. 

The main “actor” in it are various stones, minerals, salts containing many useful chemical elements that allow different skin problems. Relate to it and different products based on water – thermal, mineral, silver ions, etc. 

Advantages: Since the majority of minerals are solid substances, they are an ideal base for different skrabs. Furthermore, they absorb skin oil perfectly. The information contained in the stone powder active acid does act as a light chemical peels. 

Cons: hard solid combines with soft to get cream or tonic. If you use a liquid product, always shake well before use. 

Less well known in Bulgaria are: 

4. Ayurveda Cosmetics. 

It also grasses, aromatic oils and mineral supplements, but matched according to the ancient system of health and wellness – Ayurveda. Moreover, health is more than beauty – it is all kind of Ayurveda Indian Medicine People. The word is translated from Sanskrit as “knowledge of the natural images of life.” Overall, combinations were checked by weather, and some contain hundreds of components – each strengthening effect of the former. It is best to consult a competent professional before using this cosmetics. 

5. Organic cosmetics. This is the most uncompromising natural cosmetics – it should not contain any components derived chemically. If fat, it must come from animals raised without being given antibiotics or hormones, if plants – without chemical fertilizers. Even the packaging of these products must be environmentally safe. The problem here is the short shelf life and almost surgical cleanliness requirements for product use. Little is unclear what would happen if you open ampule produced in clean laboratory conditions and it immediately caught bacteria from the external environment … 

A few warnings: 

Be careful when buying natural cosmetics. Do not be misled, the label that says “100% natural.If you are cucumber cream may be that it actually has no cucumbers, and existing substance is a complex chemical formula. So – if you hold the cucumbers and have normal skin, better your grate home of a cucumber planer, Apply a few drops of lemon juice and apply on face for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water. 


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