Singularity Review

I was sceptical about this game. I saw trailers, gameplay footage, previews, and all that good stuff. I was very uneasy about playing this game, but i decided to give it a show anyway. The game starts out immediately with a bang, where you and your leader are separated because your helicopter was shot down. After exploring the russian island you were sent to infiltrate, you meet up with your squad leader. At this point, all goes downhill. You encounter strange mutant zombies, which are the remains of the inhabitants on the island after a large radiator explosion. You are soon found helpless, alone, and afraid after your leader is executed by Russian forces. I turns out a man named Demichev wants to blow up the island to cover up the mistakes russia made with their nuclear program. As you race to stop Demichev, you meet new people who you side with. you also acquire a device which can manipulate time. You can use this to pull objects from the past to solve puzzles and kill enemies. This game is a perfect mix between shooter and puzzle. If you want an idea, think of Half Life mixed with Timeshift and you pretty much have singularity. Its not the MOST original concept, but it still keeps you interested and wondering what will happen next. I give this game an 8 out of 10.

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