Activate Hidden Windows 7 Themes

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How to Activate Hidden Windows 7 Themes

Step 1

     Open up Windows Explorer. Start ==> Computer.

Step 2

     Then type this in the search bar above “Windows\Globalization\MCT\” and you will see 5 folders. Namely MCT-AU for an Australian theme, MCT-CA for a Canadian theme, MCT-GB for a British theme, MCT-US for an American theme and MCT-ZA for a South African theme.

Step 3

     Choose what theme or country you like it doesn’t matter. In this case we’ll open up MCT-AU which is for an Australian theme (you can choose anything you like, this is just for a tutorial purpose, just feel free). Then double click on “Theme”. And in this case, I’ll run Windows Theme file inside the folder which is named AU because it’s an Australian theme. Just wait for it to load.

Step 4

     After the theme loads it will open the Personalization window. You don’t really need that because after you click on the Windows theme file Windows 7 will automatically switch to that theme.

Step 5

     Just close the Windows Explorer and Personalization Windows. And you’re done.

Note: If in case you won’t see the folders,just go the top right corner of the Windows Explorer and click on Organize and then click on “Folder and search options”. After that a window will open. You can see on that windows are three tabs, General, View, and Search. You must click View then click on Show hidden files, folders, and drives. You should now be able to see the folders.

        After installing the theme that you wanted, for safety purposes, go back to Organize, Folder and search options then go back to View and click on Don’t show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: If you did something wrong in the process, please don’t hold me responsible. Please do this at your own risk.


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