A Few Extra Pounds Are Actually Useful

For many years now advocating the idea that we should at any price to fight obesity, but results from a new study, published recently, caused an absolute furore even in academia. According to them, people who a few pounds more, live longer. The results of the study, published several days before the authoritative journal Journal of the American Medical Association, contradict almost all the other recommendations that are given to people. Scientists argue that layered fat (of course, not too big) prolong life. 

Those who are constantly tormented by the observance of strict diets may puzzle or sigh of relief. Indeed, obesity increases the likelihood of death due to diabetes or kidney disease, but this pattern is not in force in many other diseases including cancer and cardiovascular, say researchers. In the final part of the article concluded that “increased body weight apparently accompanied significantly lower overall mortality. 

The fact that the American Center for control and disease prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA, published data from this study, risking to put the cross on the long propaganda rigidity as a synonym for a healthy lifestyle has caused negative reactions among many professionals .”This is bullshit. It is absurd to argue that increased body weight is a risk factor when it comes to mortality, “said professor Walter dietology Uilet from medical school at Harvard (Harvard Medical School). 

Do not assume that the results of CDC study is a call for the abolition of alertness and eat your fill, warn experts themselves, exported the results of new research. They emphasize that they described positive effects only apply to people with mild to moderately increased body weight and definitely does not affect humans, obese (people with body mass index over 30). 

Scientists still stress that people whose completeness has not reached the degree of obesity, much more rarely (40%) died as a result of dangerous diseases and conditions such as emphysema, lung inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, trauma and certain infectious diseases . 

“A few pounds over the limit not only help to avoid many diseases, but also for rehabilitation after major operations, trauma and infections,” said Catherine flag, head of research group.”Probably explained,  most people have reservations, which can benefit the body at a critical juncture. 

According to scientists, the little excess weight is most useful for people aged between 25 and 59 years, although full of people over this age also have some advantages. 

Opponents of the new study stress that there are only analyzed data on deaths reported to be without the positive influence of rigidity on the quality of life in general.

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