Four Proven Recipes For Flat Belly

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1. Diets 

It is very difficult to give up the delicious things we love. But if so, we must reduce the amount of calories for the day and they are between 500 and 800. This can be achieved most easily give up as pasta, beans and sweet foods. 

The cereal, seeds and nuts act of stimulating digestion. Pineapple, papaya and green tea help burn excess fat. Should not be forgotten and vegetables, which contain many vitamins and fewer calories. Brave eat seafood, fresh vegetables, chicken, citrus, drink herbal teas. 

Do not overdo it with the yogurt, eggs, beans, cheese, mayonnaise and vegetable oil. Forget bananas, buns and pizza, potatoes, alcohol (especially beer), chocolate and chips. 

2. Sport 

The exercises for the heart in conjunction with power exercises will help achieve a flat belly. The first burn excess fat, muscle and the latter form. Classical “representatives” of cardiovascular exercises are jogging, fast walking, aerobics,  occupations. They should be doing regularly – no less than twice a week. Power exercises are called. ”Squeeze”. For a lazy stimulatory – so called belts. ”Butterfly”.The principle of maneuver is the same: the flow of current forcing muscles to contract, ie to burn calories. 

For those who love the verified old methods offer the following classic exercise: 

– Lie on the floor, the cross must be bats to the ground. Bend your knees, elbows and hands to hold them around your neck. Breathe in, breathe out. Slowly raise your upper body. Reach chin to knees. If your muscles ache and tremble, then the exercise works. 

– Lie on the floor, hands, body, legs, face. Lift your legs in such a manner that you feel very low abdominal pressure (knees should remain upright). 

3. Medical centers and halls 

Today, many beauty salons and medical centers offer a special program named like “flat stomach”. They are designed to strengthen muscles, improve skin condition, “whipping” of subcutaneous fat. With these tasks better deal physiotherapy: lymph drainage, , hydro, . Sometimes customers are treated with seaweed, clay, sea mud and even chocolate. All these components enhance blood circulation, improve skin tone, improve elasticity and its toxins. If you perform such a procedure even once a month, the result will be available, ie will be seen on … your abdomen. 

4. Surgery 

Abdominoplastics(Latin abdomino = abdomen) can help those who do not like simulators, diet and lengthy procedures. This is plastic surgery that is usually applied when other means have not produced results, or simply are not disciplined enough to follow a diet and sports. 

Depending on the problem, there are several ways to abdominoplastic that you specify in consultation with a specialist. 


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