Eight Ways to Recharge Your Energy

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Maybe you have not slept enough lately, but is it possible that the reason for the lack of energy? Constant exhaustion is usually the result of more than a few midnight parties. What are the possible causes? Unhealthy lifestyles, poor and insufficient food, some malaise or illness, for example. Whatever the reason, prolonged fatigue makes the body vulnerable to infections. 

But fatigue is not caused only by physiological reasons. Stress or fatigue in the work (even strain the brain) literally suck energy. The mind needs a break just as the body. 

Another time, established a medical condition – diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus  – leading to chronic shortages of energy. In this case only advice will solve the problem. 

But it is possible and we ourselves to damage by causing a lack of energy. Below we offer eight ways in which it is possible to inadvertently cause this condition: 

Reason № 1: Breakfast with predominantly fat and sugar 

More young are always teach us to have breakfast. But muffin or donut on foot until now rush to the door is not what our mothers had to. Such carbohydrate-rich food is certainly very tasty but after a few hours we will no longer remained any energy. Combinations of sugar and starch increased sharply, but temporarily store our energy – because the way the body processes glucose (sugar). Eating stimulates the pancreas to release insulin – the hormone that helps glucose to be absorbed by cells, ie to obtain energy. 

A typical full breakfast with sugar, however deliver too much too fast and glucose in the bloodstream. Cells can not absorb all the excess sugar and glucose molecules are converted into glycogen which is stored in the liver and muscles. This occurs when the blood sugar level dropped and people started going slower, to think and work more efficiency. If glucose levels fall too sharply, the decline also affects the brain, leading to blurred thinking and concentration problems. 

How to Restore: Start your day with breakfast grain and / or proteins. They are more slowly converted into glucose and therefore maintain a good energy level for a long time. Great example of energizing breakfast porridge bowl or two boiled eggs with tomato and lettuce. 

Reason № 2: Do not do exercises 

You are too tired to exercise? Whatever you feel, do not miss the seminars. They will raise your tone, and accordingly will increase efficiency. According to some estimates 5-10 minutes exercise in the morning before work increases energy levels by about 20%. 

No need to run as a marathon. On the contrary – it was found that low intensity exercise (even walking 10 minutes) decreased levels of fatigue more than those who run or do aerobics dynamic. How to recover: regular and short (10 minutes) exercise enough. If you can not spend any time, just take a walk before work as outputs 1-2 stops away. 

The short walk is just as useful if you are overwhelmed and afternoon fatigue. Several classes even while you’re at the computer also stir the body. 

Reason № 3: bottomless cup of coffee 

Coffee after coffee is no solution to the persistent lack of energy. Not only because caffeine will interfere with sleep at night. It affects hormone levels and by stimulating overproduction of adrenaline and cortisol – two hormones that make your body to stay awake and ready for the tension. Really – a cup of coffee makes us courage, but briefly. And the continued use of this method for refreshment ultimately leads to the opposite effect – the inability to sleep makes us tired from the next morning. Experiments show that after the third cup of caffeine cease to act as an energy source. The resulting effect as a constant squeezing of the sponge – the experience after 3-4 start to run only a few drops. 

Overuse of caffeine and causes excessive production of adrenaline. This leads to stress and hormonal imbalance in the overall levels. How to recover: Reduce coffee without having to completely stop it. One to three cups a day are sufficient. Studies show that such moderate doses, it enhances cognitive functions, particularly with advancing age. Other evidence indicates that people who regularly consume large amounts of caffeine on average, there is reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Reason № 4: Foods filled with carbohydrates 

At the end of the workday is always something you need you courage? Chocolate wafer dessert or would not do it – although many believe the opposite! 

The explanation is the same as the many carbohydrates for breakfast – fast surplus of energy, followed by a sharp and strong drop. The same applies to high-energy drinks. They are particularly harmful for obesity – obese people produce more insulin than normal – due to excess sugar they consume. Cake or energy drink up one more shock in their body. Gradually, this leads to resistance to insulin – a condition in which the body produces, but does not process insulin properly – and type 2 diabetes. 

It is better to refrain from “health” juices or carbonated drinks different – most of them contain large amounts of sugar or sweeteners. How to recover: Suitable snacks with high fiber or protein. To restore the water balance and water is sufficient, but if you prefer juice is best it has no added sugar. 

Green beans is a great source of protein and is especially recommended for women – because it contains phyto-estrogen, plant form of the hormone. 

Nuts such as peanuts, raw almonds and walnuts are another great way to generate energy.They are full of antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats and proteins. Have proven useful for reducing the risk of heart disease – according to some estimates up to 30-50%. 

But nuts not to overdo because they are very calorific. Especially in diet quantity should not exceed 30 grams per day. 

Reason № 5: Do not generate sufficient magnesium 

Sleepiness and muscle weakness are symptoms of magnesium deficiency. It turns out that nowadays many people do not obtain recommended amount of magnesium, but the good news is that this is easily fixed – it is present in many foods. Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in over 300 chemical reactions in the body. It maintains muscle and nerve functions, heart beat, the stability of the immune system, healthy bones. In elderly and prone to high blood pressure, diet rich in magnesium, maintain it in stable borders. 

Some medicines, such as part of diuretics and antibiotics can cause magnesium deficiency.The same can be obtained as a result of certain diseases such as Crohn’s disease, severe chronic inflammation of the bowels, poorly controlled diabetes. 

How to Restore: The various vegetables, especially those with dark green color (eg spinach) are the best source of magnesium. Large quantities of minerals contained in most fish. Women need 310-320 mg of magnesium per day – up to 350-400 mg during pregnancy and) 310-360 mg if breastfeeding. 

Of course, magnesium can be obtained through supplements, but it is advisable prior to intake before consulting a doctor. 

Reason № 6: Heavy Cycle 

Do you feel the drop during the cycle? One possible cause is iron deficiency anemia – a condition in which blood does not have enough iron, which is essential for hemoglobin – the protein in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells. 

Women are particularly vulnerable to iron-deficiency anemia during cycle – due to bleeding, lengthy menstrual cycles and uterine fibroid. Fatigue is one of the hallmarks of the condition.Other symptoms include shallow breathing, dizziness, weakness. 

Anemia due to severe cycle causes fatigue, which can be overcome with the help of exercise, temporarily – and coffee. 

How to recover: Women under 50 years require an average of 18 mg of iron per day in the elderly due amount is about 8 mg. In suspected iron deficiency (one of the above symptoms), the first step is a blood test to diagnose possible anemia. Food iron supplements should be considered mandatory after consultation with a specialist – elevated levels of this mineral easily cause stomach discomfort, vomiting and other digestive problems. Furthermore, it is best to iron is obtained from its rich foods such as shellfish, meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables and dried legumes. 

№ 7 Reason: Insufficient sleep 

This probably know it all – lack of sleep leads to chronic lack of energy. And this condition causes the body to seek more and more calorie food, ie quickly leads to weight gain. 

How to Restore: On average a person needs at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night. If even one night so do not sleep, try the next day take a nap for 10-20 minutes. 

Alternatives such as meditation also cleanse and refresh the mind. Properly used this method literally restarts brain. The specific objective is it to be temporarily relieved by moving from a state of active beta waves to alpha waves of state – the state that precedes sleep. 

Sample meditation: 

Step 1: Peer through a window or a nice picture and slow thoughts. 

Step 2: Breathe deeply and long nose and exhale through the mouth (a sound “hah”). 

There is no need to do more than just 10 minutes and do not necessarily have a floor mat or pad – weird or not, but people who have learned to be able to practice such “switching” even on the bus. 

Reason № 8: Stress 

The brain does not distinguish between concern for being late for work or sleep in it when we are chasing a wild animal. In both cases, the body releases hormones, including adrenaline, causing rush of speed and power. But in addition, to recognize the rare case where you really flee from a large wild cat, produced hormones accumulate in the body and it gradually exhausted because they consume the available energy. Everything can be only in our head, but mental stress causes physiological problems – reduced energy levels, chronic pain, digestive problems, even diseases such as diabetes and various heart diseases. 

How to Restore: The good news is that the most common way to deal with stress is always with us – breathing. All you need is to focus on it and follow its normal rhythm. More easily obtained with a smile – it granted additional facial muscles and relieve tension. 


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