What is The Meaning of Some Unusual Reactions of The Organism


Numbness or medical language Paresthesia occurred when you unlock the nerve impulses from the nerve endings leading to your brain. Usually this happens when long you sat in an awkward posture. Originally appeared numb, but when you start to move, re-entering the impulses to the brain occurs, and the feeling of stitch. 

What can you do? Lift arms and legs, but not too strong. The use of garlic tablets containing ginkgo biloba improves blood circulation. Stabbing is also a symptom of widespread fear and panic in this case helps the relaxation method. 

When should I worry? If stabbing is not disappear or change color. This could be a sign of artery or spasm of Raynaud’s syndrome – disturbances in the circulation. Visit your doctor immediately. 


She appeared in violations of the balance of the inner ear and cause a combination of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and sweating. Sea sickness occurs because the contradictions between what you see around you and how you feel. The signals coming from your muscles, joints and inner ear communicate to your brain that you move, but when you see the movement of the ship itself, which are, your body “thinks” that stand in one place. 

What can you do? Bandage dress, which will massaged all biologically active points of your body. In a bout of seasickness your mood will improve if you leave the bottom and watch poluba horizon. 

When should I worry? Frequent vomiting can cause dehydration of the body, especially in children. Try to keep the level of fluid in the body. Visit doctor if you dry language or have seizures. 

Stars in your eyes 

You can see the stars, even rub your eyes because you stimulate sensors located in the back of the eye, thus causing the brain to think that you see the light. 

What can you do? Spend more time sleeping and the reaction should stop. 

When should I worry? If the eyes appear bright glare without any reason. This means that you have eye disease or diabetic retinopathy. 

Panic Attacks 

These are sudden attacks of severe anxiety that occur in the absence of real danger. Blow, strong heartbeat, fever and ant body are symptoms of this condition. In most cases of panic attacks may be relaxed by means of consultations, which indicates the nature of this psychological problem. 

What can you do? Borrow with autogenous training or contact the specialist psychologist. 

When should I worry? If panic attacks make your life incomplete and can not work and concentrate, it means that you need professional assistance

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