Tips For Trips to The Island of Bali

Bali Travel Tips
I will present information about travel tips to remember this very important and vital to making your vacation even more impressed and fun and brings memories are so wonderful and unforgettable when returning home. 

The Things That Sensitive 
Bali is famous for its hospitality citizens who are so naive and innocent, and indeed it is typical of the Balinese people. However, two different and opposite as day and night, good and bad and the other can not be separated from the earth. Therefore, any crime sometimes occurs in Bali although the quality and quantity is still small compared with other places in the country. Yet we remain ever vigilant and cautious during the holidays in Bali. 

Before Leaving Home 
To make your holidays are not haunted by anxiety and worry about the condition of the house and seisinya, keep in mind these tips: 

Turn off the stove and make sure all the plugs for electrical appliances are not connected with the electrical current, such as TVs, radios, computers, washing machines, etc. if all family members come together liburan.Pastikan locked all the doors and turn on the lights on the front porch and inform to the neighbor for a house deposit. 
Do not forget to carry all travel documents such as identity cards, plane tickets, reservations evidence, credit cards, checks, phone number brother. Do not forget to bring the necessary drugs. 
Do not carry cash in large numbers, better bring the “plastic money”. 
Keep emergency phone numbers to be contacted when a credit card, your ticket is lost 

At the Hotel 
Do not leave valuables in the room. Toll in the safe box which has been provided by the hotel. 
If you bring your own car, park in a place that has provided 
If your key is lost immediately report it to the hotel. 
Do not notify or invite a stranger into the room. 
Report to the hotel if there is anything suspicious. 

Taxi use 
Use only official taxi or rental vehicle including the driver, fuel and travel plans early so that you have properly programmed. You just specify the purpose of travel plans Click here for a message vehicle 
Remember the name of the driver and vehicle nopol and phone numbers of the driver. 

On The Tour 
Book a tour package to your liking. See the tour package 
Book a guide according to the language you want. 
Bring enough cash money and only a small fraction. 

Drinking water 
Water tap in the hotel had indeed been sanitized but not good to drink straight, only for the purposes of bathing. Better to drink from a can or bottle using the straw. During their activities outside the hotel are advised to drink more to avoid dehydration. 

On the Beach 
The beauty of the beach in Bali is amazing, a lot of surfers who come to Bali only to play with the waves but not rare malignancy wave casualties. To avoid something undesirable happening on the beach note the following: 

-Always take a bath in between red and yellow flags. 
-Do not swim alone and too far from the beach. 
-Do not bathe naked stalk on the beach because the beach is a public area. 
-Note the changes that occur and be careful with the flow. 
-Local Tradition 
-Do not hold the listener’s head when interacting with others. 
-Do not pass in front of the procession in time of religious ceremonies. 
-Do not step on offerings. 
-Do not take this photo upacara.dengan priest who was leading the blitz. 
-For women who are coming month / menstrual strictly forbidden to enter the holy places because the women in this period are categorized as cuntaka. 
-At the time of visiting certain places is expected to give a donation for the maintenance of the place.

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