Seven Unexplained Mysteries of The Medicine

The end of each calendar year is full of articles that attempt to take stock of the latest achievements in various fields. Medicine is no exception. Here, however, offer interesting list compiled for the magazine New Scientist – several diseases to which the scientific explanation is not so powerless.

These events continue to cause perplexity and amazement part, but they are documented and do not stop scientists to seek their explanation.

1. Allergic to water 

Sounds ridiculous – such as salted in mind that our body consists of 60% of water, but … some people really suffer from allergy to water. 

They can drink, but the problem arises in contact with her skin. A few minutes after taking a shower or bath the skin of these people are covered with red spots, accompanied by intense itching. 

For the first time such a situation described in 1964 and today the reason for this type of allergy no explanation. Some suggest that it may be due to the cytotoxic response of the skin on contact with water or ultra high sensitivity to its ions. 

2. People-chimeras 

Imagine the absurd situation in which the genetic test shows that the woman is the mother of his children. Although very well know who gave them life. This is not science fiction – such situations are already registered in several countries. 

It turns out that the mother in such cases appears to be called. human-chimera (two in one) – embryo, formed by merging twin obtained from different eggs. Nobody keep statistics how often people are born-chimeras, but modern methods of artificial fertilization clearly increased prevalence of this phenomenon. 

3. Foreign accent syndrome 

If you wake up with a strong Jamaican accent, although never in my live have not heard of this island, it means that you have developed a particular foreign accent syndrome. 

The most famous such case was documented in 1941, when the inhabitant of Norway has gone from shock after he was wounded during the bombed and started to speak with a strong German accent. 

Until it was believed that the roots of this syndrome are probably psychological, but today most scientists believe that the reason for its development is impaired speech departments in the brain caused by stroke or injury. 

4. Morgellons disease

Its symptoms are very strange: the growth of hair out of itchy skin sections is accompanied by sharp pain and a feeling of movement – as if one is infected with parasites. 

Thousands of people suffer from this planet, but the reasons are not yet known. 

If you seek medical attention, these people are given the explanation that this is a well known psychological disorder called delirious parasitism in which the patient is convinced that unpleasant feelings are caused by the presence of parasites. 

Who is right? Currently it is not known, but research continues. Some scientists believe that the reason for the growth of bacteria is described fibers Agrobacterium, causing some understanding the development of malignancy in plants. 

5. Madness of King George 

British King George III suffered from mental disorder strongly and therefore often have had to put him in straitjacket. 

Then the researchers thought that the reason for this state had in effect a genetic disease – porphyria. But in 2005, after genetic analysis of hair obtained from the king unexpected result: higher concentrations of arsenic. 

Now the most likely explanation is that drugs that gave King George III, contained arsenic and say they were aggravating his illness. 

6. Smelly finger 

In one of the issues of the prestigious journal The Lancet in 1996 described an unusual case.29-year-old man complains that his finger, which 5 years ago he accidentally prick his finger to a chicken bone, a long time now it smells terrible. Stench is felt at such a distance that was impossible to examine the patient in surgery. 

The reason for that smell and has not been clarified. Scientists have thought that the infection is to blame, although it failed to make the culture of microorganisms. Therefore, in the article they seek help from colleagues who have faced similar cases and have managed to cure them. 

Even more amazing is how it ends – after some time suddenly disappeared disease – by itself. 

7. Human-tree 

Hands and feet Dede – resident of West Java (Indonesia) look like twigs, and he looks like a subman-half tree. 

The mystery of this disease as if it was explained recently. For this state is guilty rare immune deficiency, allowing papillomavirus (known to everyone suffering from warts) can develop without any resistance by the body. 

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