Coffee – Sometimes More Useful Than Fruit

After analyzing the impact of various human foods (including fruits, vegetables and nuts), researchers found that their benefits are significantly less than 1-2 cups of coffee. ”Antioxidants contained in this drink are able to resist diseases such as diabetes and successfully fight the free radicals destroying the structure of cells, say the authors of vJournal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 

Antioxidants are natural or identical to natural compounds that prevent oxidation of the active compounds in the cells of the body, which reduces the risk of developing various diseases, including the related effects of chemical, physical, radiological, bacteriological and other environmental factors. 

An interesting fact is one of the published research – that are equally useful and coffee with and without caffeine. 

According to statistics every day old man used an average 1299 mg of antioxidants from coffee (drank an average of 1.64 cups of coffee). His closest “rival” is tea in one cup of which contains 294 mg, followed by bananas (76 mg), mature beans (72 mg) and maize (48 mg). 

Scientists indicate the standard recommended daily coffee – a cup and a half and warned that it should not replace other products needed for the organism. 

This is the first study in favor of coffee. Some time ago Japanese scientists showed that a cup of coffee a day reduces the risk of diseases such as liver cancer, Parkinson’s disease and some varieties of diabetes. 

Simultaneously, experts agree that excessive use can lead to the emergence of heart disease, insomnia and high blood pressure.

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