The Force of Good Massage

Massage is one of the most pleasant procedures have physiotherapy effects. He stepped up its own defenses and restore function, stimulates the lymphatic system facilitates the removal of toxins and promote the release of endorphins in the blood.

Massage removes the effects of stress, emotional problems and smooth the state of stress and depression. That is why his popularity is growing steadily.

According to the American Association for the Body (American Massage Therapy Association) in 2005 facial treatments received 47 million Americans, ie every 6 residents of the country.

The reasons for the growing popularity are few, but we can say that the most important result of increasing stress in modern life and the need for its removal.

Dissemination of information about the benefits of massage leading to increased number of people choosing this therapeutic method, which does not use drugs. Even many insurance companies (and those not currently in the country) already entered in the list of massages paid under its insurance contracts services.

Massage is increasingly ceases to be a privilege and is now available for almost everyone. The customer can choose between different types of massages: classic, sports, special massage for pregnant women, etc. Highly skilled professionals held every month more than 3000 procedures.

The most popular benefit the following types of massage:

– Classical (in the U.S. called Swedish), which uses methods of rubbing, polishing, pressing.Oils are often used to facilitate sliding of the hands. This provides a very delicate effect relaxation and tension in the muscle tissue.

-Shiatsu / acupressure – another ancient method, which masseur hands unless used for kneading and pressing on the patient’s body and his elbows. The massage is done on those points which are used in acupuncture, but do not apply pins.

– Point massage that is performed on reflex points of the muscles that cause pain or just a particular section or area around it. Finger pressure pain points completely disable or reduce the pain sensation.

– Deep muscle massage – Swedish massage is similar to but more intense. Affects the deeper layers of muscle tissue and relieve chronic pain and strengths.

– Stone-Massage (massage with hot stones), which uses volcanic basalt, heated to a temperature of 50-65 degrees C. The stones are placed on different parts of the back, thus accelerating heat the muscles and provides a high degree of relaxation .

– Reflex Body – Body reflex points located on the hands and feet and connected with other parts of the body. It restores muscle function without the immediate problem of the Body field. Used as the elimination of headache.

– Tai massage – a combination of massage and passive stretching, using the classic postures of yoga, but efforts by the patient.

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