How to improve speed on Utorrent

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This will explain how to improve the speed of Utorrent downloads. Please be aware, this may not work in some cases but it should work in most.

This method increases the amount of Seeds and peers your torrents will connect to which should increase the speed of the download. This will only increase to your max download speed. Example

your direct DL speed provided by your ISP is 5mb/s (The top speed your Broadband is capable of reaching when downloading from a website)
torrent downloading @ 1mb/s
Download Potential after performing the 6 steps below (depending on max seeds and peers) 5mb/s

This works by allowing your torrent connect to more seeds, the more seeds the more connections and the faster the download. Also the more seeds the better chance that you get connecteed to someone with a really fast connection.


1. Go to Preferences
2. On the left, click Bandwidth
3. On the right, bottom half, you will see Number of Connections
4. Change global maximum number of connections to 999999 (6×9’s)
5. Next line down, Change Maximum number of peers per torrent to 99999 (5×9’s) ** Important, Step 5’s number of peers should not exceed Step 4’s max number of connections.
6. Click OK

Thats it.

While we are here there is another point I would like to discuss, it is a common misconception that limiting your Upload speed to the minimum will increase your speed even more, this is wrong, please read below.

Many people limit their upload speed to a very low number (1 -10kb/s) to help increase their download, this is a bad idea.

The lowest you should have your upload limit  in my opinion would be 50kb, the reason for this is that when the file is downloading there are constant streams of data simultaneously uploading and downloading to and from your PC, setting your upload speed too low can actually cause your download speed to slow down as the data is getting congested due to the low amount of data being alowed to be transferred.

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