How to Make Windows 7 Startup Faster

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How to Make Windows 7 Startup a Faster

Step 1

     First off, uninstall unnecessary programs you don’t need.

Step 2.

     Go to Start and type in “msconfig” and hit enter. After that a window will come out, the System Configuration window. In there you will see five tabs, General, Boot, Services, Startup, and Tools, you must click on Startup. After that uncheck all the unnecessary programs that are not really important. But be careful not to uncheck your drivers and antivirus programs.

Step 3

     After unchecking all those unnecessary programs you don’t need on startup hit apply and click on ok. A small window will then pop up prompting you to restart you PC. You should click on Restart.

Step 4

    Wait for you PC to turn back on and notice the difference before you disabled all those unnecessary programs. It should be pretty noticeable.

Step 5

     If you still aren’t satisfied with that. Try closing all the gadgets on your desktop. They also take up a little of your RAM. And then try restarting again.

Step 6

     I’m really sure your PC is now turning on really faster.

I suggest you should also install a free software called Advanced SystemCare. It’s a cool little software. It helps you clean your PC and make it faster.

Good Luck.

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: If you did something wrong in the process, please don’t hold me responsible. Please do this at your own risk.


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