The Principle of Pangasm (Part 1)

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The Principle of panGasm

Ahhh! The “Love Cocktail”, made from our own body and stimulated by sexual excitement, comprised of Dopamine, Fenylethylamine, Adrenaline, Endorphins, Vasopressin and Oxytocin flood our bloodstream to help us feel heaven on earth! This ecstatic formula is what scientists the world around, have attempted to re-create, to no avail! Even so, the Love Cocktail is available to anyone at all times, yet has been lost to the collective misunderstanding about our human birthright. As a result, our sexual relations have become complicated and illusive, leaving many to believe that the word “relationship” is more like a four letter curse word!

 This principle (paradigm) is intended for all who seek new solutions. Here you will discover your personal energetic matrix and how this Light Body demonstrates the same energetic pattern as our solar system and cellular biology (the microcosm and macrocosm are the same design). Now that humanity understands that “matter follows energy,” it is time we also understood what tools we were all given at birth that enable us to influence our own body, and the world at large, by simply establishing a reciprocal energetic bond in our heart.

The electromagnetic nature of humanity’s sexual essence is basically unknown or discussed, even so, simply understanding the electromagnetic nature of human sexuality will help the participants to flood their system with this ecstatic and healing cocktail of yumminess.

This principle of panGasm is based upon energetic patterns that have been measured by modern science and verified by biological patterns called “The Laws of Nature.” The 5 elements that comprise life upon the earth are: Earth, Fire, Water, Ether and Air; these are the building blocks of physical existence and, amazingly enough, are responsive to personality; fortunately, we have the scientific means to prove this today. There is a 6th element that will also be revealed within these pages, and may be somewhat of a surprise to many of us.

Personal Sovereignty means that you are the only authority about your own truth and your decision-making process. Choosing to live by your own unique truth, versus living according to the beliefs of others, is a powerful way to live.

Our primary example of reciprocal electromagnetic energy is that of the relationship between the sun and earth; under­standing this example of electromagnetic exchange will assist humanity to accept the energetic birthright that comes with our own personal Light Body. Some of you may be familiar with the esoteric information about the human Light body and some of you may not, perhaps many readers will have difficulty with some of these terms, fortunately, we have search engines today to help us look up anything we may want information about. But, please, do not concern yourself with understanding all of what you read at this time, because the Human Condition has effectively split the conscious mind into fragmented pieces that are steeped in confusion. I have a deep level of compassion for the pain that comes from being split in this way and want people to know that there is nothing wrong with them, except that they were taught some misunderstandings that break the self into warring pieces; this collective lack of integrity was, and is, the Human Condition as fostered by the Battle of the Sexes.

While reading about the principle of panGasm, some of you may experience temporary illness, confusion, strong emotions, etc.…since the process is unique for each person, keep an open heart for a principle that is designed to lead us into ever-greater levels of health, self-awareness and freedom, regardless of our initial reaction to the information.

The guard at the gate of our human potential is the individual and collective denial of our common birthright. Overall, the issues of life, romance and health are determined by the relationship we have with our own heart. The principle of panGasm will attempt to use the written word to speak to your heart and simplify the issues of life and the pursuit of happiness into a language that is useful and interesting.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of being human is that we do not need others in order to utilize the miraculous healing power of orgasmic sexual ether. Having said that, orgasm that is experienced within the current belief structure of mankind is somewhat like being bludgeoned to death with joy, because we have been using one of the most blessed gifts in creation to create the Battle of the Sexes!


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