Get Paid to Like at Facebook

We’ll pay you for every page you like. Most pages pay $0.01, but some pay up to $0.05! It doesn’t get much easier than that! Get paid via PayPal when your account reaches just $5.00.

Now you can get paid to Like pages at Facebook. Simple and easy, but is it real or just a scam?

Some Page owners actually pay money to get more fans. The higher the fan count, the better the profit. Now you can profit too, as this site called LoadedNachos is paying you for Liking different stuff at Facebook. For each page you Like, you’ll earn $0.01 or up to 5 cents. Payments are done by Paypal and their minimum payout is only $5 which is easily achieved. This promising Get Paid To site is pretty new so no many payment proofs are yet found. If you are a Facebook page owner, you can also buy fans from this site.

Get Paid to Like –

Of course, you need a valid Facebook account to start. They can actually detect it if you try to login with a false account which is not based on a real person.

To begin, you simply go to the website, then click the button which reads Connect with Facebook and enter your account information. Then, scroll down and click Start Liking Stuff. You are presented with the names of Pages and a Like button. You only have to click Like and then Tally to proceed to the next page, and there is your $0.01. Keep doing that and watching your balance to increase. You can cashout when you have collected at least $5. 

That’s all. No skills are needed. Just a Facebook account.

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