The Best Time of Year to Visit the Caribbean

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While it is a little bit open for debate as to the best time of year to visit the Caribbean, most people will agree that there are some preferred months for planning your visit to the Caribbean Islands. When you think of the Caribbean, you think of tropical climates and you can mostly find tropical climate in the Caribbean year round. However, there are certain times of the year that are considered to be off season and there are other times of the year that are considered to be high season. There are compelling reasons for choosing each of those seasons based on what it is that you want from your visit to the Caribbean.

Take for example the high season. The high season may be the best time of year for you to visit the Caribbean if you want to get the very best weather without risk of delays or cancelations. The high season runs from around Christmas through mid-April and also during the summer from mid-June through mid-August. The weather is best during the winter months. However, because children are out of school during the summer, there is quite a bit of demand for visiting the Caribbean during those summer months as well. The winter high season has the benefit of avoiding tropical storms and hurricanes. The tropical storm and hurricane season tends to run from about April and may last all the way through November. By going during the winter high season, you can avoid any concerns about any tropical storms and hurricanes.

The off season would be just about any other time of year. The off season, as previously mentioned, has the downside of the risk of bad weather, including tropical storms and hurricanes. On the other hand, the off season also presents opportunities for great deals and savings. If you wish to visit the Caribbean at that time of year, you are likely to spend less money. You will not just save on your travel and lodging, but even on the items that you might choose to purchase while you are there, such as souvenirs, clothing and many sundry goods.

If you are thinking specifically about taking a cruise during your visit during your visit to the Caribbean, many of the cruise lines don’t visit any of the areas that are experiencing bad weather. So you may wind up stuck having to travel during the high season. On the other hand, there are some cruise lines that are less strict when it comes to the weather. You’ll need to do a little bit of research to find a cruise line that will allow you to visit the Caribbean during the off season.


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