Easy Way For Teens to Earn Money

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It is easy for teenagers to make money. You are limited in your options, but that doesn’t matter.

One option is to start your own mowing business. All you need to do is own a lawnmower and a weed eater. You will need a form of transportation to get to your yards, if they are out of walking distance away. The only expenses you will have is gasoline and the cost of maintaining your equipment. You will also have to pay for gas to drive to these yards. These costs are outweighed by huge potential profit. To start a mowing business, make sure you have all the equipment mentioned above, and ensure you know how to use them. Then, you need to have yards to mow. Make business cards. They are cheap and a great way to advertise. Walk through your neighborhood, knocking on doors, telling people about your services. Be able to give estimates. Charge based on size and difficulty. If there are lots of rocks and obstacles, charge a little more. Be reasonable and do a good job to keep these yards. Drive out to other neighborhoods and do the same. If you get enough yards, you may need a friend to help you out. Upgrade to better equipment. My best advice is to not expand too much, so you don’t have to deal with taxes or anything like that. Starting a small mowing business is the easiest way for teens to make money.

If you want guaranteed hours, get a part time job. You will have guaranteed hours, but you will probably make minimum wage, so you will need to work a lot of hours to make a lot of money. Look for fast food restaurants, grocery stores, etc. for available jobs. It can be hard to find a job, but this is the best option for you if you want guaranteed work. A part time job will also give you priceless experience. I would recommend this to everyone.

Another common job for teenagers is babysitting. Go and watch someone’s kids/pets while they are not home. Earn their trust and you could get paid very well. This is where image matters. If they don’t trust you, they won’t want you around their kids and home. 

If you like cars, you could wash cars. I am not talking about running a car wash with women in bikinis. I am talking about hand washing and detailing cars yourself. All you have to do is buy the cleaning supplies. Do a good job, and you could make some serious money. This is a great way to make money on the side.

Ask your friends about their jobs. Ask around, you will find out a lot of information. Just knowing the right people could get you a job. Look in the local newspaper’s classified section. Jobs are always listed there. Surf the web for jobs. You will find one, all you need to do is look.


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