How Fast is my Internet? – Check Your Internet Speed Online!

Before you do the test, stop any upload or download that you are doing so that you can get accurate results.

There are many websites where you can test your internet speed, but the one that is more popular is

Go to the site and click on ‘Begin Test’.

The site will automatically pick up the server that is close to you and will do tests for latency, upload speed and download speed.

Once the tests are complete, you get the results as shown below. I have created a custom screenshot to include all the results in a small image.

You can see from the results that I have a download speed of 0.46 MB per second. This means that I can download a 4.6 MB file in 10 seconds. It also shows the approximate download time for an MP3 file of 5 MB, a video of 35 MB and a movie file of 800 MB.

You can share your test results in Facebook and Twitter and you can also get a direct link for an image file that shows your test results.

If your download speed is good but the downloads are very slow, then you should check your browser and clear cookies. You also need to check your antivirus application, firewall and others which may be interfering with your internet connection.

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