How to Make Pdf Files For Free?

You don’t need to buy commercial software for making pdf files. It is only when you need to make changes to an existing PDF file or want more options, you will need those costly applications.

There are a lot of applications online which are free and which allow you to print anything to a pdf file. The ones which I have used often are Cutepdf and Primopdf.

Go to and download the Cutepdf writer which is a freeware. It installs in Windows as a printer subsystem.

 This application is given free for both commercial and non-commercial use and there are no watermarks or any other indication about Cutepdf itself in the pdf files that you create. The application is ready for Windows 7 and supports all the major operating systems of Windows.

To use this software, you will also need a PS2PDF converter. It can be downloaded from here.

Once both the writer and converter are installed in your computer, Cutepdf writer will appear as one of the printers in ‘Printers and Faxes’

If you click print from any Office document, text file, web page and all other applications from where you can print, the Cutepdf printer will be shown as one of the available printers.

All you have to do is to just select the printer and click print. It will ask you where to save the pdf file. Provide the location and your pdf file is ready.

So, what would you have to do if you want to create a pdf file? Just create a word document and print it using Cutepdf writer!

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