No Marks Cream

Tormented by acne scars I have many products to clear the acne scars and No marks cream is one of the product which I used in recent times. Seeing the advertisement on television I purchased a tube of No Marks creams and used it on regular basis as advised on the cartoon of the cream but even after 4 months of regular use I didn’t find any change on my face, the acne scars were prominently visible and hence I dumped the No marks Cream.

No marks Cream is a very expensive cream and I felt completed cheated after using No marks Cream, most product claim to show results only after 2-3 months of use and so I used two tubes of No marks Cream for a continuous period of 4-5 months and finally when I saw no results even after using two tubes of No marks Cream I didn’t feel like continuing on with using the cream.

No marks Cream is very sticky on the face and doesn’t feel good at all using it but just with the hope of doing away with the acne scars I used No marks Cream regularly but I think it was a complete waste of money and anyone thinking of using No marks Cream for any type of skin blemishes or acne scars shouldn’t waste money on it.

No marks Cream is just a waste of money and you will not get any benefits by using the product so drop the idea and use mederma or other creams which are far better than No marks Cream.

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