Understanding That Your Community Is a Key in Medical Practice Marketing

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While many medical practices have already utilized some form of medical practice marketing in order to boost the public awareness about their products and services, not many are successful in it. Many of them are left wondering why some practices can make marketing work and increase their revenue while others fail in their attempts.

When you do a study on the reasons as to why some medical practice marketing strategies fail, one of the more common results is that the people involved in strategizing and planning are not involved in understanding the community that the practice caters to.

So what is the community? Well, loosely defined, the community is everyone who is involved or will be involved in your practice. That includes your medical staff, your marketing team, your current clients, and all those other people that you hope will become your clients. By understanding your community, you can formulate a focused medical practice marketing plan that delivers the increase in awareness and revenue that you want.

Here are some of the points that you have to understand about your community to ensure the success of your medical practice marketing strategies:

Understand the size of your community

How many people are you planning to target or service? This is important because it determines whether you focus on getting a shallow but wide spreading marketing plan, or a deeper but more concentrated approach.

If you have a pediatric clinic for example, you may want to focus on simply getting the word out, as more and more parents know that they need doctors for their kids. However, if your practice is in the cosmetic surgery field, then you can scale down your marketing efforts but make them more in depth.  

This is because cosmetic treatments, while more uncommon for a lot of people, are also treatments that are usually done by a select few. As such, your strategy must not waste time in targeting others who are not interested in cosmetic treatments from a new physician, but rather focusing on the potential clients who don’t yet have a cosmetic surgeon.

Understand the people who are part of your community

Understanding those who make up your community would mean studying their demographics. You can ascertain their age, race, income level, and other pertinent information about them. By doing this, you can come up with a plan that matches the ideas and resources of the people whom you want to target.

For example, if your medical practice focuses on sports injuries, you can check if your community is filled with your target clients or sports enthusiasts. You can then determine which sports are played and try to cater your medical practice marketing plan to the participants of those sports.

As you can see, by being able to understand your community, you make a more refined approach to medical practice marketing. This refined approach helps in improving the success rate of your strategies.


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