Is It The Size?

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WARNING:  Not for the young, and immature.

One time I was watching a regular series of the famous Imbestigador and I laughed at a part of the series where some men in a town in Batangas have themselves injected with melted petroleum jelly into their sexual organs.   Those that were interviewed said that the process would add to the happiness of their partners (in bed).

I was amused that there are still men in the Philippines with that backward thinking.   But I am not really sure if in the city there are also men who think the way those men in Batangas think – that a woman’s sexual happiness is dependent on the size.

In my own personal opinion and from articles and resource materials I read, it is wrong to assume that it is only with size that sexual happiness is attained.   True enough that size has contribution but it is not the sole reason why partners get that desired sexual satisfaction or happiness.

How the process of the whole sexual activity is done is better than the equipment used in the process.  What will be the use of the equipment if one does not know how to use it efficiently and effectively?  What will be its importance if it does not help in achieving sexual satisfaction or ecstasy?

This subject sounds X rated but I just wanted to express my opinion as a woman.

What do the boys think of it, I wonder?


Imbestigador – an investigative program in the Philippines aired every Saturday hosted by Mike Enriquez.

Batangas – a mountainous and hilly province in Luzon which can be reached 2 hours from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Photo credits to Owning Pink.


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