Where Can I Get Free Movies Online?

I see many people searching on the internet looking for sites that let you download free movies. If you are one of them, you are looking in the wrong direction. Websites usually don’t host full movies because of their size.

Also, you can’t just download movies from the website with your browser even if they host them, because if the download breaks in the middle, then you lose everything. You can use free download managers, but still the download will be slow.


  1. Usually, copyright violation happens a lot with the method that I am going to tell you. You need to understand the laws of your area and the copyright information of the files that you are downloading. This article is just an effort to make you understand how to download files using peer-to-peer sharing.
  2. A lot of viruses and malware spread using peer-to-peer technology; so, you must be very careful, have updated antivirus software and avoid downloading executable files unless you know for sure that the files are clean.

Step #1: Download and install a BitTorrent client

   BitTorrent is a protocol that is used for peer-to-peer file sharing. For more information on bittorrent, go here.

  The bitTorrent client that I recommend is µTorrent, which can be downloaded for free here.

  Install µTorrent and you are ready to download movies. (You can download anything, not just movies. For example, things like applications, eBooks, audio files, songs, games etc can be download using bitTorrent clients)

Step #2: Search for torrent files

   A torrent file is a file of small size, usually less than 1 mb, which contains information about where the files you want to download, can be located. If you want to download a movie, you need to search for a torrent file for that movie.

 You can use Google to search for a torrent file for that movie or you can use torrent search engines like www.torrentz.com

Step #3: Open the torrent file using µTorrent

        If you have µTorrent installed, then double clicking on the torrent file will automatically open it using µTorrent. It will ask you where you want to download the file. Once you set those options, it will start downloading the actual movie that you want to download.

      This download doesn’t break in the middle, even if you power off the computer while you are downloading. The downloads are faster because every file is actually getting downloaded from multiple computers. You are also contributing to the sharing and hence some pieces of the file are also uploaded from your computer to the other computers.

 Don’t go for sites that offer http movie downloads. The download may not be faster since the bandwidth of the actual site is being used. Since movie files have huge size, downloading using torrents is the easiest and the fastest way.

Also, since almost everyone would want to get free movies online, there are sites which try to load malware into your computer and trick you into clicking and downloading something that is really bad.

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