An Outsider’s Guide to Memphis Restaurants: Corky's

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How I came to find Corky’s—I was brought here by a couple co-worker, who wanted to take me to lunch to some place other than the company cafeteria.  Corky’s is a local chain of restaurants—we went to the one in Collierville. 

First impression—I walked in, and it seemed like a normal TGI Friday’s, Bennigans, or any of the “not fast food, but good food fast,” type restaurants, with some autographed photos of celebrities who have dined here.  It seems to be a place well known to people who have traveled to Memphis.  We were promptly seated.

Food—I ordered a Jumbo pulled pork sandwich with fries & soda—fairly standard lunch fare.  It came out pretty quickly and everything was very good.  There wasn’t anything that made it particularly stand out, but there was nothing lacking in anything that I had to eat.  The portions were very ample, and I was not hungry until dinner.  The BBQ sauce was good as well—I used it to dip my fries in. 

I couldn’t find a downside to Corky’s, although its chain-like approach (you can get BBQ ribs at the local grocery store, in the freezer section) makes it seem too commercialized.  I’m sure there are other locations in Memphis that have more “true” BBQ, but for a first-timer, Corky’s is a solid choice. 


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