An Outsider’s Guide to Memphis Restaurants: Huey’s

How I came to find Huey’s—I was brought here by a co-worker, who wanted to take me to lunch & hear more about my military background.  It was quick & convenient to our work location, and I later found out that there is a small local chain of Hueys’ restaurants throughout the Memphis area.

First impression—I walked in, and it seemed like a normal TGI Friday’s, Bennigans, or any of the “not fast food, but good food fast,” type restaurants.  We were promptly seated, although there was the typical hustle and bustle of lunch activity.

Food—I ordered the Huey Burger medium & fries, which were pretty standard recommended fare for first-timers.  I had been told that the Huey Burger was good, and was NOT disappointed.  It was an outstanding burger.  My colleague had the tuna steak, which seemed very good as well.  The best part—it came out almost as quickly as our drinks.  I honestly have not seen faster food service, anywhere. 

The only downside was the fact that we seemed to be ushered out fairly quickly.  I wasn’t disappointed by that, since it was only lunch.  However, I left with the impression that if that is how dinner traffic was handled, my wife would not want to bring the family here on Friday or Saturday night. 

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