How to Write Compelling Web Content

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  • If you are a blogger, or if you are a website owner and you want to be able to promote a product, service or an idea, you need to be able to write compelling web content. Understanding exactly how to write compelling web content can mean the difference between success and utter failure of your online website or business.
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  • First, it is important to understand what compelling web content is. Compelling web content is very simply web content that compels your reader to do something. It is content that enables them to have a desire to buy your product or hire your service or to believe the idea that you are trying to propagate. Compelling web content asks your reader to make a decision and encourages them to make the decision that you would like them to make.
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  • Here are some of the very specific techniques you can use in order to write compelling web content.
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  1. Compelling web content is authentic. If you want to turn someone away from your website right away, make up stories that aren’t true. Readers can tell a fake from a mile away. No matter how many interesting designs or crafty words you use on your website, if your content is invented, you are not going to be as compelling as if your content is real. This doesn’t mean that genuine stories always convert, however, it does mean that you are less likely to have success by being fake than you are by being authentic.
  2. It is also necessary if you want to write compelling web content to use active language. You want to avoid using passive verbs and you want to avoid using words that aren’t very descriptive. Instead, you want to be able to paint a picture with your words. You want to be able to create an emotional response from the reader so that the reader is likely to be compelled to do what you want them to do. Part of that process is just learning to become a better writer. But part of it is working hard on things like expanding your vocabulary. Simply keeping a thesaurus next to your computer when you write your web content can make the difference between writing compelling web content and writing web content that is mediocre.
  3. If you want to write compelling web content you also need to be able to understand features and benefits. When you write your web content you will want to talk both about the features of your product or service as well as the benefits. Features include things like what the product actually does. If you have invented an automobile that flies for example, one of the features that you would use to describe that automobile is ‘this car flies’. On the other hand, if you  want to talk about the benefits of that car, you aren’t going to talk about what the car does but rather you are going to talk about what happens to the person in that car. You might say, ‘with this flying car, you can get where you want to go much faster and safer.’ Understanding the difference between features and benefits is an integral part of writing compelling web content.
  • If you want to write compelling web content, you also need to be able to ask for a decision. Your entire web page or article or web post should build up to a final moment of decision. During the entire process of the page, you should be asking questions like ‘why should this person buy your product’ and ‘why should they do it now’. At the end of the article or page, you want to ask them to do it. You want ask it in a way that again reminds them of the benefits that they will receive if they say yes.
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  • Writing compelling web content takes practices and it takes willingness to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Over time, with enough effort and practice, you can indeed write compelling web content.
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