A Regular Joe’s Guide to Sicily: Agrigento

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If you’re in Sicily for a day or two, you probably won’t have a chance to visit Agrigento, as its beauty is obscured by larger, more tourist-friendly fare as Catania, Siracusa, and Taormina on the east coast, and Palermo and Cefalu to the north.  However, if you’re going on an extended tour of Sicily, Agrigento is a must.

Home to some of the most complete Greek ruins outside of Greece, Agrigento lays right in the middle of the southern coast of Sicily. 

What you need to know:  Go directly to the Valley of the Temples (Valle dei Templi).  Here, you will see the vast majority of the ruins located in Agrigento, including the temples of Juno & Concordia, the two most well-preserved ruins.  You will also see the temples of Zeus, Hercules, Castor & Pollux, and Hephastios, as well as the Temple of Asklepius, located along the Akragas river.

When to go:  Summer is very hot & very touristy.  Expect long lines everywhere you go, and for temperatures to reach over 100 degrees (don’t worry, it’s a dry heat), between June & August.  Best times to go are in spring and after the main tourist season, in September & October.  German tourists have a knack for getting to the best Sicilian spots during off-season—if you see nothing but German tourists, you’re probably in the right place (or in Germany). 

Last tip:  Bring your own food, camera, and especially water.  All of these things are available—at tourist prices.  Keep your group independent of the hawkers, and you’ll have a great experience at a low price. 



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