Delhi Metro:a Boon For Delhities

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Delhi is one of the busiest city in the world.Being the capital of India it becomes an

attraction centre for the foreigners as well as for the rest Indian states.Thus a lot of

crowd visits delhi resulting huge traffic problems.But now there is some relief for

delhities i.e. Delhi metro which comes out as a boon for delhities.The metro serves the

people of delhi,noida and Gurgaon.It has a network of five lines of nearky 125km with a no.

of 107 working stations of which 17 are built underground. All of these network are

operated by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.This service operates 100 trains daily in the time

interval from 6 am in the morning to 11 pm in the night within an interval frequency of 3

to 4.5 minutes.
 It had took a really a long time to built this network.It’s planning started in

1984 and after a long time survey and approval the construction started in 1998.On 24 Dec

2002 Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee former Prime Minister of India launched its first

service.This metro project is planned in four phases of which second phase is

undergoing.The first phase involves a network of 65.11 km which is already completed on 27

october 2006.The second phase involves 128 km network and construction of 79 stations by

2010.The third and fourth construction are planned to be completed by 2015 and 2021

respectively.Its extensions are planned to Badli,Faridabad and Ghaziabad.
 The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has given the customers choice a big priority.Many

 stations are provided with ATMs,food outlets,cafes and convenience stores.To provide

security to passengers 3500 personnel of Central Industrial Security Force are deployed.In

case of fare it varies in the range of Rs. 8 to Rs. 30 dependng upon different

locations.This low cost service provided a big relief to the daily job workers to maintain 

their monthly budget from high cost of auto-rickshaws.
 In 2007 Delhi metro claimed one of only five metros of the world to operate at

profit without any government subsidies.The Delhi Metro has won awards for environmentally

friendly practices from organisations including the United Nations and the International

Organization for Standardization, becoming the first metro in the world to be ISO 14001

certified for environmentally friendly construction.This service really sprouts out as a

boon for delhities and also for them too who visits delhi.It is acting as a developing

identity of India.


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