10 Ways to Avoid Migraine Attacks!

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I have been suffering from migraine for several years and have tried all methods of treatment including allopathy, homeopathy, ayurvada etc.,

And believe me or not, after suffering a lot from it for several years, when I approached a doctor way back in 1998, what I was told is that there is no permanent cure for migraines!

So what can we do? How can we get relief from frequent attacks of migraine?

 Migraines are intense recurring headaches and the best way to get relief from it is to get some sort of medication and relax/sleep in a darkened room!

That is what I used to do!

Anyway over the years I have learned a lot about migraines and I think the following few tips may help you to get rid of it or at least prevent it,  if you are one of those scores of people world wide who suffer from the deadly attack. Yes I call it deadly because I have experienced the trauma.

So here are the tips.

1.     Identify your migraine triggers and avoid them.

2.     Concentrate on natural treatments and try to prevent migraine attacks by finding out its triggers.

3.     Avoid over the counter migraine drugs.

4.     Do not become addictive to drugs for migraine.

5.     Learn to treat your migraine attack naturally and prevent them.

6.     Identify your symptoms when you get an attack and try to cure those symptoms.

7.     Avoid any kind of food that you feel is the cause of your migraine.

8.     Learn the facts about migraine headaches and hope to get cured at the earliest.

9.     Do not stare directly at the sun and do not work in very bright light.

10.                        Use drugs only as a last resort.


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