Nokia E 72 Review

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Nowadays mobile phones of many models are available in the market with lots of options but selection of a good one is little difficult. Nokia E 72 is the new model with lots of latest options which are more convenient to use. Its optical navigation key helps to scroll easily and for fast panning. Email facility is more convenient in this model compared to other models of Nokia. It gives a desktop experience for the users. Camera in Nokia E 72 is with autofocus and with flash which can be upgraded to five mega pixels. Audio jack is available with 3.5mm top loading facility. Also latest IM feature helps to connect to instant message accounts like yahoo, Google and Ovi by which we can chat with friends easily.  

Internet facility is faster compared to other model phones in Nokia E 72. Also we can access maps of different locations with the help of GPS and compass which is inbuilt. To improve general call enquiry noise cancellation options also added in this model. Torch is there which can make on with the help of spacebar key easily which is very useful at night times. Latest version of quick office is added by which we can access MS office 2007 easily from the mobile. Also sound is very attractive and impressive which gives more support to audio and video files. Appearance of phone is very important because everybody will prefer attractive looking mobiles. Nokia E 72 is very slim and gives a business phone look which is convenient for all types of people to use easily.

This model is less weight and entire package comes around 128 grams which is easy to carry. Other main advantage compared to other business mobiles is Nokia E 72 features FM radio which can be used at any time for time pass and for entertainment.  Nokia E 72 is easy to handle, sleek, easy to upgrade and gives impressive performance which attracts more market value nowadays. The model is very well useful for internet usage. Also battery backup is more and short keys make us to operate easily than ordinary business phones. Nokia E 72 is having all the options of E71 and some added options are there which makes it excellent. The model E72 has additional options like 5 megapixel camera, 600 MHZ processor, accelerometer and also 512 MB ROM compared to old model Nokia E 71.

The design and quality is very excellent and the handset comes in a leather case which is meant for safety against damages and scratches while handling. The full package consists of charger, USB cable, headset, hand strap and also user manual. All the latest operation details we get from user guide and short keys help us to save both time and effort. Short keys are added mainly to access Bluetooth, camera flash and to keep the mobile in silent mode. The latest model of send key, end key and also functional keys are very attractive which is different from other business phones.


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