18 Ways to Improve Your Sales And Make Money!

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1. Merge a product and a service together in a package deal to increase sales.

2. Offer an hour of free consulting with a book or an e-book.

3. Have a subcontract for some  part of your work and save on your time and  office costs.

4. Out source works like personal relations, accounts maintenance, selling etc.

5. Request every one  to review your site and offer their comments.

6. Use the comments to improve the site and turn the reviewer into a customer.

7. Incorporate moving words like affection, safety, help etc in your ads.

8.  Undertake risks to make your business better.

9. Spend some money to get results.

10. Follow the success of other businesses or people.

11. For guidance, take some of the methods that made other business succeed.

12. Take a little time out of your routine to think.

13. Remember that new ideas are nothing but the difference between achievement and disappointment.

14. Have an auction on your site related to the theme of your site.

15. Attract traffic from auctioneers and bidders.

16. Trademark your name and business by writing articles and submitting them to e-zines or sites for republishing.

17. Get a tactical business associate who have objectives as that of yours.

18. Exchange leads, share marketing information etc.


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