The Monday Holidays

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Before I talk about the Monday holidays, I should also tell you how I hate the Sunday holidays, the public holidays that come on Sundays. I know you hate them too. You would have got an extra day’s off if the holiday came on weekdays.


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I am writing this article on Sunday, the greatest day of the week. But every Sunday the thought “I should go to work tomorrow morning” comes and spoils the mood. A holiday on Monday lets me to enjoy the Sunday completely.

I remember reading a statistics which said that a lot of accidents happen only on Monday. That’s because the hangover stays till Monday morning. There is a mild headache that distracts people while driving which causes these accidents. See! People will be safe if they stay at home on Mondays.

My wife and I go to meet my relatives often and they always request us to stay for one more day. This damn Monday is stopping me from staying there. I have often thought, “Why not there is one more day between Sunday and Monday and that day is also a part of the weekend?”.

 If adding one more day between Sunday and Monday can’t be afforded, then at least the idea of extending the Sunday alone from 24 hours to 48 hours should be considered…

You know what? I have been thinking about this Monday-holiday thing ever since I started to go to school. In fact, all my leave letters saying “Kindly give me leave on Monday because Monday is Monday” were rejected.

Monday is the most common day for suicide! Read this:

And Monday is the most popular sick day.. I think people take leave on Monday saying that they have fever and go to movies:

Here are some funny Facebook status messages that I saw in the profiles of people who hate Mondays:

Steve can’t help but wonder why Monday is so far away from Friday, and yet Friday is so close to Monday. Where the hell is the logic in that?!

The evil penguins and I have conspired to kill Monday. it must be stopped before it does any more damage!!!

Monday, this isn’t really working out anymore…Maybe we should have some time apart for awhile…It’s not you! It’s me! I just need some space…

Tom wonders what would happen if everyone decided to call in sick on Monday

Erick heard about history repeating itself but this Monday thing has got to stop!

Dana loves Sundays!!! Except the part about tomorrow being Monday!

My dearest weekends, don’t leave me yet. I don’t want to deal with your damn cousin, Monday.

Amy isn’t ready for Monday, can I have another Sunday?

Don’t be sad Monday and don’t take it personal.  We don’t hate ‘you’, we just hate what you stand for.

Ok.. I think that is enough because this article is not for Facebook status ideas. I have another one for that: 60 Best ,cool And Funny Facebook Status Ideas

The Monday holidays are very rare. Next New Year which is on Monday is going to be on January 1,2018. Next Christmas which is on Monday is going to be in 2017.

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