Facebook Addiction. Contagious!

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Before social networking was popular, there were Blogs. It is one way of sharing your ideas online. But it doesn’t confine members to a particular site.  Then came Myspace, but most members of this site is from the West, few were from Asia and fewer are from my country. Around 2007 a friend invited me to join Friendster, it was the most popular site at that time. It’s kind a cool, since you can view other people’s profiles specially the photos. I thought at that time that site is unbeatable. Well not until, the Facebook mania came in our country.  I’d heard about Facebook before, but at that time I was still pretty much attached with my Friendster account. But this Facebook, is becoming so popular that even those popular celebrities and  TV networks have their own accounts. I was very loyal with Friendster at that time, really like other similar stuffs if I like the first one, but it turns out that most of my friends are abandoning their account at Friendster. They tend not to update their Friendster accounts anymore. Until a close friend mine, shows me why they like this site. He taught me how to play Zynga games, and my first zynga game was Mafia Wars. Since most of my friends are playing it, so everytime we met we talk about it.  Well this is also one reason why I tried to play Zynga games, is that sometimes I cannot relate to what they are talking if the topic is this Facebook Games.

Well now that I am hooked with this social networking site, I find myself very much addicted to it. And a day won’t pass if I don’t visit my account there. I am spending almost  5 hours daily for this site. And As I’d observed, almost every people I know has a Facebook account, and at work they eat their lunch quicker than before just to have time for Facebook. Well I just hope this addiction to facebook, will soon have a medicine because this is highly contagious.


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