Signs That Your Partner is Cheating

Signs that your partner is cheating

Adultery is a pretty common thing in modern couples. No matter how much your partner tries to hide his mistress, infidelity requires a lot of attention for details, ability that all men lack.

1. He starts to lose weight and buys new clothes

Men are usually not so interested in the way they look. If your lover starts a diet and spends more time on getting himself to look good it could be a sigh that he is cheating. On the other hand it could be the midlife crisis.

2. Less sex

If he is not interested in having sex with you it means he is getting it from somewhere else.

3. He is missing long periods of time

Be careful if his habits are changing. It is very likely that he is cheating if he starts going earlier to work, if he works over time , if he leaves home often and especially if you can’t contact him when he is missing. If he works late and you can’t reach him on the phone and he doesn’t read his messages, it’s a bad sign.

4. You can’t access his PC or mobile

If he changes his passwords, deletes his internet browsing history or closes his mobile phone. If he is hiding something he hill do all he can to erase anything that could make you suspicious.

5. Spends money without justification

Even if your partner isn’t buying gifts or paying for hotel rooms, you noticed that he payed a lot of money at sophisticated restaurants at late hours. If he said that he was out jogging and you get a restaurant bill at home or on the credit card, it’s time to start worrying.

6. He changes his attitude tho towards you

Your partner, so tender once, is now jumpy and finds reasons to argue with you and criticize you. He might be looking for a way out of the relationship or maybe he is comparing you to the other woman.
On the other hand, you have reasons to worry if he starts being to nice with you and to sweet. If he sends you roses every week , it’s a sign that he is feeling guilty for his “adventures” .

7. Female instincts

Nothing is more convincing than your own instinct. You know your partner better than anyone else and you will be the first to notice any changes in his behavior. In stead of ignoring what you see, you should talk to your partner and make him understand what you feel.

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